March 21, 2023

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Jining builds a high-quality education system

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Photo by Pixabay

DDMiers | via PRNewswire | JINING, China — Jining builds a high-quality education system | Jining city in east China’s Shandong province is strengthening its education, according to a recent news conference.

Jining plans to build, renovate, and extend 200 government-funded or private affordable kindergartens and 150 elementary and middle schools during China’s 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-2025) to create 50,000 new kindergarten slots and 150,000 new elementary and middle school slots, an official said at a press conference.

He stated that the city will establish high schools with unique curricula.

According to the plan, Jining’s gross enrollment rate in preschool education will exceed 99 percent by 2025; the coverage rate of government-funded or private affordable kindergartens will hit 95%; the proportion of children in public kindergartens will reach 75%; the completion rate of nine-year compulsory education will be 99.9%; the gross enrollment rate of high school education will surpass 99 percent, and all special education schools in the city will meet Shandong Province standards

Gao Guangli, chief of Jining’s education bureau, said the strategy uses the success in raising moral students to evaluate schools’ work.

The statement emphasizes the establishment of a high-quality education system that emphasizes shared efforts, whole-journey nurturing, and an all-around approach to student education, and creates citizens with a moral, intellectual, physical, and artistic grounding and a hard-working spirit, Gao said.


Photo by Pixabay