December 2, 2023

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Nisun International and Pinhutang Distillery cooperate to buy agricultural products

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Nisun International

Photo by Dylan Gillis on Unsplash

RC | Nisun International and Pinhutang Distillery cooperate to buy agricultural products. | SHANGHAI  – Nisun International Enterprise Development Group Co., Ltd. (“Nisun” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: NISN), a provider of innovative comprehensive solutions through an integration of technology, industry, and finance, has announced that Fanlunke Supply Chain Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (“Fanlunke”), a controlled affiliate of the Company and a subsidiary of Fintech (Shanghai) Digital Technology Co., Ltd., has entered (“Pinhutang Distillery”). In accordance with the terms of this agreement, Fanlunke will assist Pinhutang Distillery in meeting customer demand for agricultural products by providing procurement and supply chain management services.

Pinhutang Distillery is well-known in the region for producing Dendrobium liquor. The company was established in 2012. Traditional Chinese medicine has made extensive use of dendrobium for literally thousands of years as essential medicines. There are a number of substances within dendrobium that have the potential to have an influence on one’s health, including a reduction in pain, an increase in blood sugar, and a reduction in blood pressure.

Since its founding, Pinhutang Distillery has placed its primary emphasis on its Dendrobium-related business operations. These include planting Dendrobium, processing the plant, conducting research and development, and promoting the brand. Pinhutang Distillery is located in Yunnan province, and it has a rice-flavor liquor production base in addition to its 800 mu of Dendrobium organic planting base, its more than 140 mu of modern industrial factories for the development and processing of Dendrobium products, and its relatively large-scale rice-flavor liquor production base. In the past two years, there has been a notable rise in the amount of dendrobium liquor that has been sold.

“In China, the consumption of therapeutic alcohol has a long and storied history. Alcohol was frequently employed in the practice of traditional medicine in both China and ancient Egypt. We believe that Dendrobium and other traditional Chinese medicine products that have health-preserving and healthcare effects have significant growing potential. This is because more Chinese people are becoming interested in new health trends “As the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Nisun International, Mr. Xiaoyun Huang made this statement. “The establishment of a cooperative relationship with Pinhutang Distillery paves the way for Nisun to break into the Chinese market for medicinal products. We will make use of our advantages to offer our customers supply chain services that are both efficient and of the highest possible standard.”

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Photo by Dylan Gillis on Unsplash