December 3, 2023

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Origin Agritech announces new nutritional corn varieties

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Origin Agritech

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RC | Origin Agritech announces new nutritional corn varieties. | BEIJING — An agriculture technology company known as Origin Agritech Ltd. (NASDAQ: SEED) (the “Company” or “Origin”) made the announcement today that five newly developed sweet and waxy corn hybrid varieties with different nutritional components have successfully completed registrational trials and are currently awaiting production approval.

One of the most recent corn hybrids developed is a sweet corn hybrid that has considerable increases in the amounts of vitamin E, phenolic compounds, and other nutritional value-added properties. This sweet corn hybrid contains 45 percent more folic acid than previous sweet corn hybrids. The Chinese market has seen a huge increase in the demand for high-quality sweet and waxy maize intended for human consumption over the course of the last several years. This high-value market will be addressed by the newly developed nutritional value-added hybrids that Origin has created.

In addition, Origin is continuing to broaden the scope of its study into Nutritionally Enhanced Corn (NEC) as a source of animal fodder. At the year 2022, Origin will conduct research and development on a large number of brand new NEC hybrids in dozens of places across China’s major corn-growing regions.

About Origin Agritech Limited

Origin Agritech Limited, founded in 1997 and headquartered in Zhong-Guan-Cun (ZGC) Life Science Park in Beijing, is a leading Chinese agricultural technology company. In crop seed biotechnologies, Origin Agritech’s phytase corn was the first transgenic corn to receive the Bio-Safety Certificate from China’s Ministry of Agriculture. Over the years, Origin has established a robust biotechnology seed pipeline including products with glyphosate tolerance and pest resistance (Bt) traits. For further information, please visit the Company’s website at: The company also maintains a twitter account for updating investors on company and industry developments, which is @origin_agritech.

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Photo by Dan Meyers on Unsplash