June 2, 2023

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SMDC’s Lush Residences Makati is a Great Buy for Millennial Investors

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Lush Residences Makati
GRIFF BLOG | SMDC’s Lush Residences Makati is a Great Buy for Millennial Investors | Are you looking for the perfect area to live that is not only close to your place of employment but also won’t put a strain on your finances? The Lush Residences by SMDC provide prospective buyers with the chance to own a condominium unit in the most sought-after location in the country’s primary financial sector. It is still possible to purchase a property in Makati, with prices ranging from P5.7 million to P10.2 million for studio, one-, and two-bedroom flats, respectively. It doesn’t matter what you think of the newest business areas like BGC or Bay Area; the fact is that nothing can compare to the pioneer: Makati. Despite the rise of competitors from all around the country, the city continues to serve as the financial center of the country. During the course of the past year, Makati boasted the second-highest number of workers in Metro Manila despite its relatively compact land size. For many of these workers, owning a house in Makati is the ultimate dream. Thankfully, condominiums like SMDC’s Lush Residences help keep the dream alive.

Great Location

The Lush Residences, which can be found on Kamagong Street, is your best bet for finding a reasonably priced condominium to call home in Makati. The street itself, in addition to the Tanguile that is immediately adjacent to it, is blossoming as a cluster of cafes, bars, and restaurants that each have their own unique atmosphere. They won’t be able to compete with the restaurants and shops in Greenbelt or Salcedo village, but they won’t drain your bank accounts either. In addition to this, you will find the mood to be somewhat less tense and more chill. In the event that you find the atmosphere in Poblacion and other adjacent centers to be more exciting, you will find that getting there via car or cab is quick and easy. The Lush Residences are a high-end condominium complex that provides residents with unrivaled access to places of employment and the activities of daily life. The fact that it will only take you a few minutes to get home at the end of a long day at work is one of the many reasons why this location is so desirable. On the other hand, going out to get things that are necessary, visiting a shopping center, or having a wild night out are all within a few minutes’ walking distance.

Top Amenities

Nevertheless, what about the actual property? In addition, every dedicated homeowner is deserving of the contemporary conveniences that are abundant in Lush Residences. Your first stop should be the ground floor, where you’ll find all the essentials you require. The neighborhood, which is known collectively as The Lush Strip, contains a variety of businesses, including a convenience store, a premium meat shop, a wellness spa, a laundry service shop, a water refilling station, and a nice coffee shop. For everything else, it’s Makati! Lush takes its cues from its name, which suggests a green setting for the store, and this is absolutely the case. When it came to adding vegetation, SMDC pulled out all the stops. Because of this, when you look at the building from the outside, the ground floor and the parking floors will both appear to be surrounded by an abundance of vegetation. The same is true for the space housing the amenities on the first floor. A shimmering pool beckons you to take a plunge in it, where you can cool off and relax at your own speed. You might also go to an indoor fitness gym and work off the extra calories by perspiring. You could also just take a break and relax while taking in the sights from one of the building’s rooftop patios or the world-famous Sky Garden. No matter what you choose to do, you can always count on being surrounded by verdant scenery.

Achieve the Dream of Affordable Makati Living with Lush Residences

Like the rest of SMDC’s developments, owning a home at the Lush Residences comes at a relatively affordable price. Units consist of studios at a minimum of 21.73 sqm. Or, you can also avail of one-bedroom and two-bedroom configurations with unit sizes between 31 sqm and 54 sqm. In addition, you can choose units with a balcony view. Meanwhile, prices range from P5.7 million for a basic studio unit to P10.2 million for a 2-bedroom unit that comes with a balcony. Learn more about SMDC Lush Residences by visiting Ohmyhome Philippines. For inquiries and further details about the project, you can contact Ohmyhome’s customer service. A friendly service agent will be happy to serve you and even assign you a property specialist. For more news, information, and promotions, subscribe to Ohmyhome’s Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube accounts. Additionally, download the iOS or Android app for even better access to Ohmyome’s information.